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TikTok is the fastest growing social media being a direct competitor to Facebook and Instagram. It has become the king of short-form video and changed the way we create and view social content forever. If you are a brand right now and are not on TikTok you are missing out on brand exposure and customers. The brands we work with on TikTok not only create organic content to post daily but run ads against this content to utilise both the benefits on the platform.


Though at the beginning it was seen as more of a ‘dancing platform’ it has now completely changed into a content-heavy platform for creators and brands with a range of niches, communities, and audiences on there. We create a mixture of entertaining and educational content to position your brand as a professional yet engaging brand that people actually want to watch.

TikTok Campaign Reporting to keep measuring the success and growth of your campaigns. 

We have partnered with the best companies in the industry to ensure we have specialised account managers for all accounts.  

Reach Your Target Market across TikTok using unique and compelling content.

We combine data driven social campaigns that focus on actionable metrics to achieve your goals. 

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How we help your company build a TikTok Marketing Campaign?

Just like every platform on TikTok we research, plan and execute campaigns that achieve company goals. We like to treat TikTok for brands like its own platform and don’t just replicate other social media strategies. We will dive deeper into your target market and what is currently trending on the platform to create content for your brand that stands out and can really attract the attention of the masses.  To create a successful campaign on TikTok we understand it comes down to one thing… the content.

One of the main reasons brands are failing at TikTok right now is that they don’t know how to produce good short form video content people want to watch. Regardless of the type of content that is currently on the platform the organic reach of the platform is not to be underestimated.  For businesses, doing the right research and devising a great TikTok campaign can be very exhausting and time consuming so we take this responsibility for this.

TikTok Advertising Services

At Social Media Now we take great pride in seeing your brand grow and sales come to fruition. TikTok moves quickly with new trends and styles of videos changing almost weekly. Without a good understanding of the platform and the algorithm, you are at risk of falling behind with growing the platform.  Our TikTok marketing agency goes above and beyond to use this platform to grow an online presence and drive customers to you.


If you are ready to use the organic reach of TikTok to grow your brand allow us to craft a winning TikTok marketing campaign that brings out the best of your brand. Our approach implements a blend of creative and technical strategies to stand out from the crowd while compelling your target market.

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